Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tally Ho!*

I think I should speak to some comments from the recent budgetary posts.

All amounts labeled dinner and/or dinner out are for me alone. Maybe once in a while it'd include me buying a round for a friend or for the table but in the most recent cases not so much. I've been screwing up on the carrying-enough-cash-to-pay-for-shit front. It's a perk of being a girl and single that when I go out for a drink or dinner or an ice cream (totally thwarted on the ice cream front tonight, there is not in fact a Tasti D where I thought there was near the theatre and for that I'm truly disappointed) or whatever I mostly have only to budget for myself. Not all the time mind you. My stupid job puts me in a different stupid tax bracket from some of my friends so I do sometimes try to pick up some slack. The friends of the last 2 nights don't so much let one do that. Bless them, the little fuckers.

Chocolate milk from the greenmarket for a week of breakfasts: $3
4 books from a stoop sale including the Pop Up Book of Phobias: $1.50
Ticket to a friend's show (same friend from last night, different show): $15
Drinks with aforementioned friend and wife: $20

Total: $39.50 (Now that's more like it!)

*Oh come one, not even a little snicker? That's funny.

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  1. That IS funny.

    Mr. Chili has two varieties of the same brand of sock. The package of 12 we bought last winter has a red "Hanes" on the underside of the toe; the newer package has a black word.

    The last load of laundry left a single black-toe sock unmated. When I mentioned this to him, he told me - are you ready? -

    ... that's okay. I think I'm black-toe intolerant, anyway....