Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Visiting My Goals, like they were in jail or something

I cannot recommend enough the practice of regularly checking your to do lists. It seems daunting when you don't feel like you're accomplishing anything but I can almost guarantee that when you check out the list you'll see more progress than you feel.

It's harder to do than I make it sound.

For a couple of months now I've been trying to get myself to look at the original 107 in 2007 list but it's been too scary. I looked at it today, though, and it's not so bad. I'm doing OK. Not great maybe, not maybe halfway through the list, but putting in a good solid effort. So, I thought it would be nice to share and maybe hear back about how you all are doing with your goals for the year.

1. Get regular vocal coaching - this is in a whole new perspective now that Jay is dead. I'll need a plan B. It's both easier and harder to move on Plan B knowing that Jay is not an option.
2. Record full-length CD - I have got one more track down on this.
3. Scudder Memorial (Jan) - subbed Mrs. X's service for this and have spent time talking to Steph and Bud about the whole deal, so it's done and in as good a way as possible.
4. Finish DVD - DONE
5. Night Before Christmas for fam (make a book? buy them?) - I've been thinking about it a lot but I think I need to make some physical tests in order to make headway.
6. Memorize Night Before Christmas - this really shouldn't be as hard as it feels. I could get started on it soon.
7. Continue Floor Barre classes - All over this, trying for once a week and, barring travel, making them. I think I'm getting better, too.
8. Add another hour per week of exercise - certainly this is true with all the walking I'm doing for the activity points.
9. Teach at NSCC (April) - got canceled, not of my own accord. Sub in "Hold brunch at my house" and it's DONE.
10. See Red Molly in MA (April) - got canceled due to time and budgetary constraints with the wedding and the funeral and stuff. Sub in "Throw dinner party" and its also DONE.
11. Submit play to 20 places - I think I've done 1.
12. Book Shakespeare 20 places - I'm on the verge of 1.
13. Go on a date - heh. yeah. right. remind me to tell you about the one person at the reunion who felt the need to save me from my single status.
14. New Year at the steam pipes - obviously can't have done that yet. Still really looking forward to it and thinking about what sort of film I'll need to get good pics.
15. 2 field trips with Alita - We've been to the aquarium once, so that's good. I'm thinking maybe the museum next. Or the botanical gardens. Or both in one outing.
16. Write 6x/week on blog - I must be averaging this still. I'll definitely be hitting it with the new budgeting feature.
17. See Avenue Q - DONE!
18. Post-Thanksgiving Open House
19. Make 3 cross stitch bibs (Music Baby, ProfDoc kid, Miflohny baby) - 2 down one to go and I better freaking step on it, the kid enters the US a week from today!
20. Find director for Chekhov - I had a meeting with a potential director.
21. Reading of Chekhov
22. Full production of Chekhov
23. Sing live - technically done but in spirit I think I'd still like to keep working.
24. Hang pictures
25. Bathe dog once
26. Perform at Boerum Hill nursing home sing along - DONE! And I'd like to do it again.
27. Pick songs for nursing homes show - I've got 3 or 4 that are pretty right.
28. Learn songs for 27 - Almost there.
29. Book 5 nursing home shows
30. Lobsterbake (June) - DONE. My mouth waters just thinking about it.
31. Cook Christmas dinner
32. Do stockings for Christmas
33. Polish up 3 short stories - I've done a second draft of one and sent it to Wayfarer for more comments.
34. 20 short story submissions
35. Go to Met Museum
36. See an opera
37. Go to MoMA
38. Go to Frick
39. Buy back-up hard drive - DONE (thanks to Mr. Chili)
40. Get back-up hard drive installed - DONE (see above for the thanks)
41. Install Final Draft
42. Learn how to use Final Draft
43. Eat 3 servings of fruits & veggies/day - I don't have proof positive but with the whole weight loss thing this is happening for the most part.
44. Finish work filing - DONE god bless it.
45. Re-do work files
46. Keep work files current
47. Donate mattress & box spring - DONE, donated 'em to Pony Express' guest bedroom.
48. Clean out closets
49. Set up home filing system
50. Gyn appointment
51. Dentist appointment
52. Buy scanner
53. Scan family photos
54. Pay Kath & Alex back for Emily care - Am I done here? Sort of.
55. Auntie Blanche's birthday
56. Trip to beach - technically done on Aquarium day but I want to go by myself before summer is out.
57. Art work for CD - DONE (thanks to Alex & Kath)
58. Post photos to Flickr - I'm doing this, it's fun, I'm doing a lot more with all kinds of photography.
59. Invest 1/2 savings - see previous enry about how I'm sort of accidentally spending it instead. HATE.
60. See accountant in person - DONE
61. Re-work investments to maximize return
62. Sort out IRA contribution
63. NaBloPoMo
64. Brooklyn Museum - DONE
65. See Coast of Utopia - not an option anymore, sub in "Go to 20th HS reunion" and call it DONE.
66. Update address book - er, did I really put this on the list. Yick.
67. Make Christmas cards
68. Take more photos - Doing it every day, baby, so happy.
69. Go to one Share the Wealth Brunch - DONE
70. Read classic/good-for-me books - Done? Sort of. Read some more Dunnet, read American Psycho which is a modern classic and deserves its own entry.
71. Plan birthday celebration
72. Go to Aquarium - DONE and it was awesome.
73. Set automatic payments for health insurance - I'd like to make this a priority.
74. Bring lunch 3 days/week - Not this week but most weeks I'm very good with this, especially since the weight watchers. It's become a habit.
75. Give SG1 back to Ulserad - DONE, FINALLY, and, predictably he wasn't even ticked, he just laughed.
76. Get photos framed
77. Eye exam - DONE
78. New lenses - DONE and new frames too, hey that's where a bunch more money went, aha!
79. Contact lenses
80. Make out will
81. Inquire about grave plot
82. Renew passport - I got the forms for it and I got some for Pony Express and Teddy's Girl, too.
83. Submit for print audition
84. Submit for commercial audition
85. Write Rena once/month - Not doing so great lately but can start over
86. Write Auntie Blanche once/month - See above, I have sprung her from the home for at least one meal every time I've been home, though.
87. Cook once/month - I'm sure I'm doing this, though no proof is available. It's almost impossible not to with the weight loss program.
88. Go to Cyclones game
89. Take all vacation days - 6 down (plus my roll overs from last year) 10 to go!
90. Make new cookbook pages
91. God's Love for Thanksgiving
92. Solve eletric meter problem
93. Write to The Athlete - DONE, a couple of times even, will do more.
94. Write something 15 minutes/day - I go in and out on this but I'm working on it.
95. Send Christmas thank you notes
96. Read This Is Not Over once/week - This site is now defunct so its not happening. Sub "Attend Father's wedding" and it's DONE.
97. Drink 64 oz. water minimum/day - Totally a habit.
98. Buy rings from Yelle - Sub buy from Queen Bee and I've MORE than accomplished this.
99. Get painting fixed - I've tried, don't think it's going to be possible. Pissed.
100. Vocal warm-up 5 days/week
101. Physical warm-up 5 days/week
102. Daily vitamin - I stopped doing this because it was stopping me up.
103. Pay extra mortgage payment
104. Pay off loan from Mom - DONE!
105. Get massage - DONE!
106. Get facial
107. Buy cocktail dress that fits - DONE maybe a couple of times over what with the reunion and the wedding and the weight loss.

All done: 28
Habits in place (separate from All done): 11
Not done but progress has been made: 18

Like I said, it's not half but it's good progress. I don't feel like a slacker now. Though I do feel like I've got a ton of shit to do, what am I doing sitting on my tuckus watching TV right now?


  1. Once again, bravo! Inspired. Will promise myself to check my list today. arg.

  2. Nice job! I'll check mine later.

    And, maybe this is a glass-full cop-out, but concentrate on the stuff you HAVE done. There's plenty of stuff on my list I wouldn't have done if I hadn't written it down, so I am gonna reward myself for all of those instead of focusing on the shit I haven't done.

  3. Um. Okay. Its hard for me to get up and pack my lunch everyday.
    I am so proud that you can come up with 107 things.
    And none of the are self defeating or rude towards yourself.
    They are actual real cool goals.
    Goal #1 Audra:
    1. Use Kizz's list as cheat sheet.

  4. Opera was on mine, let's really look into that.

    RE: #84
    you can submit yourself for all kinds of things...including commercials

  5. We can help you with #24 and #25! And I'd love to go to the Met sometime.

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I didn't know you were a musical person.

  7. Hooray for making such good progress on such an ambitious list!

    I'm due to check in on my much smaller list next week. I know I've done some stuff, but there are a few items I've been waiting until the summer to check off.