Thursday, August 30, 2007

Complete Mental, I Mean, Financial Breakdown

Month July 25-Aug 25

Mortgage $750
Maintenance $652.10
Investment $150
Dining Out $236.79
Groceries $180.07
Craft $110.52
Transportation $180
Phone $53.89
Cable w/internet $113.91
Health $1615.15
Entertainment $140.91
Household $197.43
Pets $102.62
Clothing $94.80
Travel $324.75
Misc. $191.68
Gifts $21.49
Total $5116.11
Monthly Salary: $3500
Difference: ($1616.11)


What do you spend monthly on groceries?

It occurred to me that what I have categorized as travel was a credit card charge and I think it was actually the emergency vet charge for Emily. I'll have to clarify that.

Craft isn't like arts and crafts it's rehearsal space and photos and stuff. I could just as well have titled it Career to distinguish it from the J.O.B.

Yes, the health insurance won't be that bad every month since I had to pay a back month as well but it's going to be almost $1,000 since I got that honking increase.

If I wanted to be really picky I could count some of the out of home dining as gifts since I went to celebrations and I treated at least one person to dinner. That category also includes every time I bought a pack of m&ms at the drugstore or a bottle of water at the newsstand or anything that wasn't specifically bought in a grocery store for the purpose of bringing it home and stocking the proverbial larder.

Are you old enough to have had the experience of looking down at your hands when you wash them or your face when you're brushing your hair or even your toes as you put on your socks and thinking, "Oh, my god I am turning into my mother/father/Great Aunt Tillie"? When I look at this spreadsheet I get that feeling of panic and disbelief. This isn't my spending. I have investments, however small, and a savings account and I don't go on extravagant vacations or buy Canadian lottery tickets over the phone, so this can't be me!

But it is. At least this month it is. And now I have to figure out what to do with it.


  1. You are not the only one.
    Got paid today and its gone.
    Not like the wind... more like a speeding rocket hurtling out of control with dangerous foam poking out of it.

    I admire you for keeping track.
    We all think the little things don't add up to big things. We are all as guilty as OJ on that one.

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    A few years ago my job was paying for my health insurance by purchasing an individual plan from Oxford Health Plans (I still have Oxford, but it's through MediaGuy's work). Anyway, it was closer to $600 than $1,000. The only issues I have ever had with Oxford are that sometime you have to make a lot of phone calls to get problems cleared up, but they've never not paid a bill that they should have paid. Also, they have 2 networks of doctors. If you go with them, you want the network with more doctors, which will cost a bit more, as some doctors you may want to see may not be in the smaller network of doctors. Anyway, it's worth looking into - it could save you a lot of money!