Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm having a ton of creative convergence lately. I'll write about it more in depth as soon as my boss does me the kindness of going back to his vacation and leaving me alone. Tonight's piece of it is a documentary I cannot urge you strongly enough to check out, Shakespeare Behind Bars.

In the mean time here are the numbers. Oh, and Gert asked what totals were so I just wanted to clarify that I feel like I need to record everything for a month before I look at totals. I checked back and I started this on July 25 so around August 25 I'll start looking at categories and totals and trying to draw some conclusions.

Paid off credit card (I think this was a rental car or some plane tickets or something from my travels this summer): $324.75
New notebook (I splurged on a fancy one that I really love): $9.74
Groceries: $13.46

Total: $347.95

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