Thursday, August 16, 2007

Go Buy Something!

There have been requests to see the jewelry that I keep talking about. Queen Bee is a Lia Sophia rep so she's my pusher. This pic is of the 3 pieces I bought recently, they're all going out of production which is why I ended up buying them all at once. Rockstar on my pointer, White Out in the middle and...uh...something with a glitzy name on the right. I'm not much of a bracelet person, I forget to put on necklaces but a ring makes me feel glam so I have a few.

If you would like a few, or even just one, or if you're a bracelet or a necklace person or earrings, I have some nice earrings from LS, too, I suggest you go to Queen Bee's section of the web site, check out the catalogue and let her hook you up.



  1. Ooooo pretty! Checking out the website right now....

  2. MUCH loveliness. I'm more of an earring girl, myself, though I find myself wearing the same ones over and over. The rings and bracelet that are ever-present were gifts from my husband (the wedding set, obviously, the bracelet which matches the wedding band was a wedding present from Mr. Chili, and my ten-year photo negative ring of the engagement ring I was given last March). I have hoop earrings to match the wedding band, too, which are my favorites, but I tend to switch out earrings FAR more than I ever do anything else...

  3. I actually got invited to a Lia Sophia party next week. Now I am excited about more than just a night out with girls.