Monday, August 13, 2007

Good and Good for You

So, I find this hard to explain outside of the wacky downtown theatre world but I went into rehearsal tonight. It's not like a script and blocking and memorizing lines and stuff. It's about concepts and movement and pictures and stuff. I'm working on Medea.

I did a 30 minute deconstruction of a moment in Medea for my senior project in college. (Do I sound pretentious and ridiculous enough yet?) Even then I knew it was more than I could chew to do the whole thing as I saw it. So I did this small piece, the piece that I was interested in and explored it thoroughly. (For the record that piece is the moment when Jason goes off to introduce himself to the King of Colchis and leaves Medea behind on the beach with the kids all alone and unprotected in a strange land.) Ever since then (Yes I've counted. It's 16 years.) I've been saying I'll do the full version. As a matter of fact Pony Express and I have been buying props and set pieces for 16 years under the justification that it's for when we do Medea again.

I've been trying to write the piece on and off, too. It's hard. Shocker. Peter Weekly said he'd be into going into rehearsal with me to try and shake the tree a little. So we started that tonight. It was scary and weird and I'm not sure what a fabulous job I did but it did spark some neurons.

The real key here, though, is what I feel like now. Magnificent! There's such a feeling of accomplishment in having done 2.5 hours of work on the project. I'm all excited purposeful and happy and ready to start my week. I feel ready and able to do anything!

So, what does that for you? (I'm guessing exercise/running will come up a couple of times. Maybe teaching a class. But I'll be interested to be wrong too!)

Present for someone who doesn't know how to read yet: $10.62
Another roll of film developed: $14.11
Rehearsal space + deposit: $65

Total: $89.73

There are some other numbers worth noting today as well.

I cashed in a liter of coins (God bless the Commerce Bank Penny Arcade free coin counting machine) for a total of $96.58.

Down another half pound to 135.5.

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