Monday, August 27, 2007

How not to sound like a prat*, Part I

Now I can't claim to be up on all the slang that kids use these days. I can't even claim to be up on all the slang that Brits use, well, ever but I do have a working knowledge and I'm happy to share it with you.

Read today on the internet:

"...the city, developer and contractor were at logjams about it."

No, actually, they weren't. While you may think it's going to give you some hipster street cred to throw in a Brit ref once in a while it make you sound like a silly ponce** when you use the wrong Brit ref.

Logjam = traffic jam

What you were looking for was probably loggerheads.

Loggerheads = at an impasse, having a disagreement, etc.

For instance:

The designer and I are at loggerheads over the choice of wallpaper for the sitting room so I decided to meet him down the shop. Unfortunately my bus got stuck in a logjam in midtown and I'd left my mobile*** at home so I couldn't warn him. I was 45 minutes late, which didn't improve the situation.

*Prat = brat, idiot

**Ponce = overly affected individual, often with a gay overtone, see also Poofter

***Mobile = cell phone

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