Friday, August 17, 2007

I Love Fridays

>wake up slowly and gently and not before 8am
>e-mail and blogs
>walk dog to park
>only takes 20 mins to get kitchen back to a semblance of workability
>shower and pamper
>leisurely commute
>dance class with delightful young guest students who restore my faith in the youth of America
>quick grocery shopping
>caught in big downpour
>but found a drugstore to buy an umbrella so only half soaked
>meet 2 friends for "coffee" (I don't drink coffee but no one cares)
>leisurely commute home where I weirdly miss a stop and end up going a different way than I thought I would
>e-mail, computer and delicious summer TV (I love Holly Hunter and her new show with my boyfriend Kenny Johnson [pictured])
>stroll with the pooch and chat with neighbor
>bad tv + blogging
>early to bed

Pet food: $18.73
Dance class: $15.50
Groceries: $14.78
Umbrella: $8.66
Cocoa: $3.00
Half Piece of Pie shared with a friend: $2.00

Total: $62.67


  1. Weird. I thought that was Dennis Quaid for a second.

    It's really cute that you shared pie.

  2. I did too think it was Dennis Quaid.
    I thought I was a Sexpert too on him having seen The Big Easy so many times.
    "The Gator is going to get you."