Monday, August 20, 2007

Just a day like any other day...

Manda clarified herself a little. I'm still het up, but I'm not the only one, and she was nice about it and other people were much more eloquent about it so....I'm trying to drop it.

In other news...I was worried about the pooch. She had a bad fall trying to get up on the bed a few days ago and then she wouldn't try again. But last night I gave her the invitation and she was fine with it.

See what an everlovingly normal day it's been?

Alex agreed happily to help me hump the TV to to the repair people tomorrow. Heartwarming but not so exciting.

Maybe I should have gone all child-free ranter on you just to keep the excitement alive in the relationship. Gert and I had a nice chat about it over at her place, though, you could check that out.

Here's the thing, I spent my creative brain energy writing on Medea for 45 minutes since we didn't have rehearsal tonight. Sorry, it's that balance thing that parents have to do, only I'm doing it with writing...or something.

$15.26 on groceries today.

I tried to spend more on 2 rolls of film being developed but I went to the lower quality place and they couldn't turn it around in a day I guess. My Lucky film came in the mail from Heather today. Thank you Heather!

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