Thursday, August 23, 2007

Music Baby +

MB park hard stare
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I put up a bunch of Flickr pics if you like that sort of thing. Still haven't decided on the upgrade thing but I'm leaning that way.

It's partly waiting on the budgeting question of course. I also found a flaw in the listing of my expenditures. So far I've only been listing payments that I've had to make physically or online, things for which I have had to take action. There are some payments that happen automatically. They are few but they are relatively significant in the grand scheme of things and I haven't been listing them. I'll hit the bank site and list those tomorrow or Saturday.

As for today:

Fro Yo: $3.75
Cat litter: $11.91

Total: $15.66

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  1. Come take pics of my kid please. Those are gorgeous.