Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rain Day

Who wears socks in a zillion degree heat with a gajillion percent humidity? I do!

It's been a good rain day. I watched a bunch of Netflix, enough so that as of tomorrow I'll be truly testing their definition of "unlimited" discs per month. I did some work for the job, just enough to keep afloat. I can finally see the top of my dining table, can't see the top of the desk in my bedroom but one battle at a time is plenty for me. I went to the PO. I walked the pooch. I did some writing. I took a nice, long, much needed nap. One of the things that makes sleeping easier for me is full daylight. I just gave myself a bit of a pedi, took off the chipped polish, soaked the cracked and encrusted feet, trimmed the nails then slathered the icky feet in Bag Balm in hopes of repairing all that cracking. The socks are necessary to keep the goop from contaminating my whole life.

This was just the sort of day I needed in my summer. Yes, it's stupid that the city can't keep all the trains running through some water but I'm still grateful. My bosses are eminently reasonable guys. They were all, "But you are essential personnel. Have a great day!" and "Oh don't spend a sick day on this, this is just a day."

Oh and one more thing I accomplished today:

Total expenditure: $0

Payday is Friday and my going out for tomorrow night just got canceled so it's looking good that I can hold out.

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