Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ready to Go!

I have finished the postcards and sealed them up in their envelopes. They ended up 2 sided with an origami crane tucked in to the envelope with them. I even had enough stamps for the US...wait! I have a bunch of odd postage lying around the house I'm sure I can work out the postage for the international ones and I'll put them all in the mailbox on the corner when I walk the dog tonight so they'll all get a Brooklyn postmark.

No! Sleep! 'Til Brooklyn!

I loved this project but I'm also glad to have it out of my hands a little early. I like the idea of the cards trickling in so it's good to get mine out now for trickle factor.

I got the google docs to work but then blogger screwed the pooch so I didn't get any more done on the budget but hopefully tomorrow.

Oh, and the Other Boss actually said this to me today:
"So tomorrow you go when?"
"Today at 4:30 and tomorrow around 3."
"If you want to cheat on that it's really fine with me."


hair combs, vitamin water, m&ms dark peanut (quite possibly the perfect storm of m&m technology): $5.06

Total: $5.06

1 comment:

  1. Other Boss is one rockin' dude I'd say!!! I'm so proud of you for the budgeting thing. I'll pick your brain a bit when I get there. have just the best long ass weekend ever! Treat yourself and enjoy.