Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Close to the Finish Line and I Almost Forgot!

Quick, quick before I go sleepy bye here's the spending for today:

2 rolls of film developed at the slightly lower quality place: $21.65
Supplies for the postcard swap: $17.32
Estimate for TV repair (I should hear the result tomorrow afternoon0: $20.00
Pizza & Beer for Alex's awesomeness: $10.50

Total: $69.47


  1. Really?! Only 20 bucks to fix your t.v.? That's FANTASTIC! I hope that number turns out to be true because, Baby, you can't get a new t.v. for that kind of money...

  2. No, sadly not. It's just for the estimate. It's what I had to pay so they could tell me how much it'll cost. I'm optimistic that it'll be $100 or less for the total fix but who knows?

  3. Hope it's cheap enough to avoid buying a new TV. Those guys are pretty good, we've used them twice.