Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am extremely lucky friend-wise. If I've got trouble with something I almost always know someone who can do that. Or at least someone who knows someone who can.

The TV died. On the way to the mall I told Kath and she said, "Oh, you're not buying a new TV today. Call Alex." Alex knows a repair shop. Now the question is, will Alex help me get my TV there in a timely fashion? I suspect he will. He's awesome like that. In the meantime I have pseudo-stolen Pony Express' TV since she's on vacation. Then I folded like a shitty poker hand and told her. She's cool with it. In case you were worried.

Miflohny told the Media Guy that I was having trouble with my photos and sizing and being a Mac user. He sent me an e-mail with links to super simple instructions on how to resize them. He even included quotes from the instructions in case I was too intimidated to use my pointer finger to click the link. It's like he sees into my very soul. I did it once with just that quote before actually going to the linked instructions so I could check out some more specific stuff. They don't call him The Media Guy for nothing.

All this re-sizing allowed me to upload some new pics to Flickr. You should go check them out.

Back now?

Ok. Well, all the uploading me put me square in the middle of the fine print for Flickr. I've read a certain amount of their fine print. The print I did not read was the print that said that the free account only allows you to see 200 photos. It hides the rest until you delete some more recent ones...or upgrade to the pro-account.

With the pro account I could upload as many as I want and they could all be viewed. I could upload files of any size so the whole re-sizing tutorial would be an unused skill, but better to have a skill and not use it than need it and not have it. I could separate the photos into sets so you would know generally what the frak was going on in my head when I was taking the photos. "Clinton Hill walkabout 082007!" "Brunch Club" "Me, me, me!" or whatever.

It's $24.95 for a year of a pro account ("That's $2 a month!") or $47.99 for 2 years ("That's even less per month!"). Advice? Thoughts? Comments? I welcome them all.

Expenses of the shopping-focused day:
TP, hand weights, picture frame, kitchen organization tools, cleaning supplies, 2 belts (yay!) at the Target: $102.45
More kitchen organization supplies at Bed, Bath & Beyond: $36.81
Bottle of water at the Home Depot: $1.98
Brunch with the Media Family (The Miflohny Family? I've never monikered the whole family before): $15.00

Total: $156.24

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  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I love Flickr. You really seem to be enjoying it a lot lately as well. Going pro is only 2 bucks a month, why not? I paid it just to get my ass into sharing and uploading more photos. I think that you have been adding more and more photos with the new/old camera - why not keep doing it? That's my 2 cents and a wooden nickel for you.