Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Blockbuster

On my way to work I pass a firehouse. Today as I neared the house I happened to notice a car parked on the very busy street. It had a permit in the window and something hanging out the back. There's been some filming in the area so I checked it out.

Black soft top Jeep. FDNY parking permit firmly affixed to the front window. Surfboard angled into the passenger seat and poking out the unsnapped rear window.

Could this guy be a bigger cliché* of what's cool?

I picture the movie of his life as part Backdraft, part Point Break. He's single, he's ripped and he's a little bit reckless, but all in the service of the greater good and personal growth. The opening sequence has him catching a wave out on Coney Island then speeding, top down, through the more picturesque parts of Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan to his firehouse. Still in his wet suit, peeled down to the waist to show off the goods, he parks the Jeep and hits the local deli for coffee and crullers for the house, making time to say hello to the corner newspaperman and the grandmotherly Korean deli owner among others. Inside the firehouse he jokes around with the guys (lots of back slapping and towel snapping) to provide room for introducing a bunch of characters, and, just as he slips his crisp, clean FDNY t-shirt over his bulging pecs the alarm sounds and he's off on a call.

How's that? Would you watch that movie? I'm eager to see it play out on my lunch hour, think I'll have any luck?

*Thanks to Miflohny for telling me how to get that accent!

**The picture at the top is not of the guy who owns the Jeep. I didn't see that guy. The picture is from the 2008 FDNY beefcake calendar. If you want one get one now because the city just put the kibosh on making any more of them.


  1. Can I be in one of the sex scenes?

  2. Of course. You'll be rescued from a fire, taken directly to the ocean where you'll be helped to rinse off the soot and smoke inhalation then be taken, Lori Petty style, on the beach where miraculously your makeup will not have smudged one iota and you won't get any sand in your crack.

  3. No more calendar. I don't know what the reason is but I assume it's all about keeping the image of the FDNY untarnished (ha!) or possibly it's well-disguised homophobia I don't know but after the 2008 one there will be no more. So, save your pennies, grab a copy and keep it safe because those fantasies will have to last you a lifetime.

  4. Did you know I'm currently creating my own firehouse fantasies? More details to come, when the thing has gelled a bit...but I have been in negotiations with Rescue 4 in Queens, and have permission to hang out and film with them next Saturday. Whee!!! Firemen!!!