Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I got my photos processed to disc at a different place this week. Apparently they do higher quality work and now my photos exceed the 5MB upload limit for Flickr. It's also making it a bitch to upload pics here, which is not about size but I don't know what it is about. Is there a way to scrunch them down to acceptable size? Is it simple?


  1. Resizing image files for the web is very easy if you have the right software. Since I have access to PhotoShop I generally use that package's batch editing feature to resize lots of images at once. Probably you have some more basic Adobe or other package that came with the digital camera that has this basic feature. I'm not an Apple person but would be glad to help all I can if you tell me what image-related software you have on your computer. To keep file sizes appropriate for the web (after all, lots of people don't have broadband) I wouldn't go larger than 800 pixels in each dimension with 150 dots per inch (72dpi is also good). Shoot me an email if you need help.
    Christa (Y!name cwillifo)

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    There's a free program called Irfanview which can easily resize (optimize) photos for the web. If you look it up and download it, I'll give you the path to riteousness, and you can resize your pix.
    Windows only, I think.