Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to My Irkdom

I'm irked. I have irkage. Things, they irk me.

When I got my first cell phone I lived under the Yankee principle of buy-the-best-quality-and-use-it-forever. I passed the "New Every Two!" date without a second thought because I'd bought a high quality, sleek, lovable phone that I would use, perhaps forever.

Then the battery died.

It cost less to get a new phone.

I got a new phone that was mildly cutting edge and has a lot of features that I don't use. I'm pretty sure that the camera lens is entirely gunked over at this point. It was nice as a novelty but it's plastic and sort of bulky and my boss who had recommended it to me almost immediately switched to a sleeker way high end model. So I've been waiting with bated breath for "New Every Two!" to be up.

Last week it was up so I went today to check out my options. The options are fine, I'm willing to take any suggestions if people have what's-in-your-network opinions, my only real requirement is Blue Tooth compatibility.


I didn't sound very irked yet, did I?


Did you know that no matter what brand or model of phone I get, even if I stick with the same brand I have now, that I will have to get entirely new chargers for my phone? Even if I got the crappy, non-blue-tooth-compatible free phone I will have to spend money for different chargers so I can use the aforementioned phones. Do you know how many chargers I have? Purchased, free with purchase, begged, borrowed or stolen I've got one that's plugged in next to the bed, one in the travel kit, one to charge in the car and I'm pretty sure one random extra floating about. Oh, and I think I gave one to my mother.

Screw that, I'll just keep my frumpy phone until it wheezes and dies and I'll try to make sure that happens in tax free NH and I'll make my exchange there.

Fucking cellular phone companies.

Irked I tell you.

1 comment:

  1. I am not about bells and whistles and gadgets.
    I like it simple and sleek.
    And I like it to vibrate.

    I love my LG. I have stuck to the brand. Upgraded as the free one comes available.

    The buttons are big enough for me to see but not so big I feel like I am carrying around Fisher-Price.

    It does take pictures but I hardly ever use it.

    I do like that it plays real music tones instead of that recorder music crap.

    I use the alarm constantly.

    Other than that...no worries.