Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why am I up this early?

I'm going to Tarzhet wth Kath. We decided that if we worshipped at the altar of Tarzhet and went while everyone else is at church we'd have fewer people to navigate. (Notice I didn't say "just a few" I said "fewer.")

I had a small list of necessaries and nice-to-haves that I was going to get. I wasn't going to get out of the store for under $100 probably, especially when you add the browsing factor, but it wasn't going to be too bad.

Then last night as I was watching Into the Woods my TV turned into String-o-Vision. There's only a very small band of multi-colored light across the center of the screen. I turned the TV off and gave it an overnight rest. This sort of thing has happened before and that's helped. Not today. I'm now listening to the weather report on NY1, though if I nod my head really, really fast I can get a glimpse of the full picture. So I guess I'm probably going to buy a TV today, too.

Dear Financial Gods,

The message is "You can't take it with you, " right?


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