Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why I Will Never Take a Cruise

It's been a weird day. I'm tired. I had to get up for about a couple of hours in the middle of the night.

If you ever have a kid who wakes up from a nightmare one night and can't get over it even the next day you can send that kid to me. I will hang with them and comfort them and maybe that kid will help me figure out how to get over it.

It was an anxiety dream. It came from real life and from not. It started out with a sick cat and ended with a tidal wave cresting...and then I woke up sitting bolt upright in bed and thoroughly unable to get that picture out of my head. It stayed with me all day. It's freaking me out some even now. I'd like to go to bed because I'm beat but I'm afraid.

There were reasons for it. There are things causing me anxiety. There was an accidentally emotional mix up with my mother yesterday. There's a friend going through something rough who was reaching out to me via e-mail at just about the time I had the dream. ("Dude, fucking wake up already!")

So it's all understandable.

I just don't know how to fix it. So far I've tried A1eve, sushi and ice cream. I'm going to add some more A1eve and some pudding and see how it goes.

Sushi for Lunch: $11
Lottery ticket (scratch off, didn't win but had a good time playing): $2
Tasti D Lite: $3.50

Total: $16.50


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    what helps me after these dreams is to turn on a light and read a book. it breaks the thought and scare from the dream and the imagery. i used to have anxiety nightmares every night. the turning on the light (switching from the nighttime dream to brighter light/new time) and picking up a book that is hopefully nearby (i personally hated getting out of bed b/c i would then wake up too much and not fall asleep) and reading that, that helps. sorry you're going thru this, i can relate!!
    hope your mom is ok too.

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  3. I don't know why, but I found your description of checking your lottery card "didn't win but had a good time playing" to be completely hilarious.