Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why My Bosses Are Composed Entirely of Awesome

In his daily (ish) phone call this morning the one boss asked how things are in the office and I displayed my underutilized vocabulary by listing 15 pseudonyms for quiet.

He said, "I don't know how [the Other Boss] feels but you should get out of there early this week."

I stammered something along the lines of "bluearaaaaghe, thanks."

Then I thunk upon it and thunk upon it and thunk upon it a bit more and I sent an e-mail that proposed leaving tomorrow at 4:30 and the next day (my last before my 4 day weekend since I don't work on Fridays, please don't hate me) at 3:00.

The Other Boss replied in one word. That word was, "Absolutely!"

I expect the One Boss to agree or possibly ask, "Why not 1:00?" but either way I'm happy.

Plans for the holiday weekend? Lunch with Chili's Seester on Fri and maybe a movie, a secret creative project and, you know, cleaning my apartment. Oh, and of course, laying around like a beached whale. Thank god I can get an early start on that!


  1. Can I just say here that, for as much as I truly LOVE my sister, I hate her a little for being able to see you - jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing.

    Have a good time - and a GREAT weekend!

    Love ya!

  2. yeah Chili. Me too. But in a mere 9 days I will be there too...so I guess I can't hate her too much. enjoy your week and weekend Kizz. Lounge till you're sore, then get up and move to another spot!