Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Apparently I'm Live Blogging the Vote

So I put on my (cranky) sweatpants and I got my voter card and my keys and my jacket and....I don't know how to say this but, I brought a book. I was heading out to vote at 6:18 in the am and I brought a book, you know, just in case the line was too long or something. See how deep the psychoses dwell? God forbid I should be somewhere with nothing to do for 30 seconds.

I walked by both guard booths and listened to ID which security asswipe/guard had hung up on me. I suck as an ear witness.

I hit the voting booth. Didn't get a chance to read my book. No line. Surprised? I think not.

For reference it took about 3 minutes for the nice ladies to get me signed in. (Note: Why would any voters be required to show ID? How exactly is that legal?)

Turns out that my election district is deciding between 2 women for Surrogate Judge.

That's it.

All that vast space, all those little levers and I only got to flip one. If I was in there for 15 seconds I'll take a cold shower...well, at least a tepid one. There is now some tepid water. I have high hopes for a warmish shower in a few minutes. My office mates may not know it but they should be thankful.

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