Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Christ on a Three Day Weekend, is it Tuesday already?

I would have done this earlier but they were serving all the mussels you can eat for $10 at a local restaurant and with a minimum of arm twisting Pony Express convinced me to see exactly how many mussels I can eat.

3 bowls.

Yeah, really.

Hey, at least my 10 Things Tuesday wasn't #1-10: Bowl of Mussels.

It was gooooooood.

Anyway, so I was callous this morning, I know you're not surprised. ProfDoc said, "My news for this morning: Heath and Michelle have split." My first reaction was not, "Oh poor them." or even "Oh that's awful for the kid, I wonder what the custody will be like." no, no, it was, "Huh, I wonder who's getting the Brooklyn house."

10 Places I Would Like to Have a House (notice I didn't say places I would like to live full time)

1. Right here, in my apartment and never pack a box or move ever, ever again.

2. Another place in Brooklyn, preferably quite close to here but with some back yard space for breakfast eating and safe dog lounging.

3. In NH near the fam. But not too near. I'm thinking a cottage of some sort near the beach. While the best economic reason for such a place is to be able to bring the pooch with me when I come home and to have a place to stay when I'm there the real reason I want this cottage is for Christmas. I want to have an all day open house every Christmas Eve. People can come to me.

4. A bungalow in LA. This is because in the fictional life where I can have all these houses I also do the sort of work that would require me to spend time in LA. The very thought of LA makes my nerves jangly. I think it would be easier to take if I had a place of my own to sleep.

5. A small place in Greece, preferably on an island. I've only been there once but I really loved it and I wasn't even there in the awesome season. Beaches, warm water, pretty white buildings and some of the best food I've ever put in my mouth.

6. Edinburgh, or really just outside of Edinburgh in a village of some sort but not too near the family I have up there. This is almost entirely so that I can have a place to stay during the Fringe Festival. I also love Scotland I think I'd be happy to spend more time there.

7. An apartment in London, really nothing big is required, just a place to lay my head and store my chocolate covered ginger snaps. Theatre. That's all, just for theatre. I probably wouldn't stay there much but when I did I'd see as many shows as I could.

8. I can't narrow this one down but I do know that I'd like to have a place to live in France. I waffle between the Riviera and Paris. Maybe I'll leave it up to QuewlKat since I'd ask her to be the caretaker while I was away and I'd want her to be my guide when I was there.

9. Can I have a magic house that becomes the place next door to wherever my friends are? Whenever I need to be with someone the house can just click its proverbial heels and we'll be next door. It would have a wrap around porch and a restaurant quality blender.

10. This is one of those ones that I jumped into with no idea whether or not I'd have 10 choices. This is cheating, it's not a place to have a house but I think I could, quite cheerfully live in Joshua Jackson's bed. There'd be everything I need to sustain life there, right?


  1. Damn - another Hollywood marriage down the tubes, huh? Sigh. I wonder why they even bother anymore, you know?

    Three bowls of mussels, huh? Never having had the experience myself, I have nothing to relate that to. I take it they were yummy, hence bowls number 2 and 3... and all for 10 bucks? That's practically free!

  2. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Ok, so I admit it, I'm not up on my celebrity gossip. Until I read the comment from Mrs. Chili I was thinking, "Who are Heath and Michelle - do I know them?" and I live in the neighborhood they supposedly have a house in (though I've never passed them on the street, that I'm aware of). Didn't even know they had kids. I guess I'll go crawl under the rock I crawled out from under. :-)