Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Food = Emotion

This is not news. I realize this.

The thing is, with this "new lifestyle" of food I plan my food even further in advance than I used to. Back in the day when I was young and green and Izz and I could spend every day together we would round up a group and head out to a favorite restaurant. On the way there as the others chatted or read or whatever we were thinking. We saw the menu in our minds and we tasted what we wanted on our tongues so that when the waitress arrived at the table we were always ready. This boggled Coot's mind on more than one occasion and caused JAM to develop a technique where if the menu seemed overwhelming you just pretend they only serve burgers. If Izz and I knew in the morning where we were going for dinner that night it could be an all day discussion.

Now I can plan days in advance. Hell, months if you count how long I waited for lobsterbake. So when we, hypothetically, plan on a Sunday to hit the yummy ice cream place on a Tuesday this figures heavily into my discretionary mental time for the intervening days. So that when, hypothetically, that plan dissolves, for what I'm sure is a very good reason, it sends me into a minor tailspin.

Hello, here I am, tailspinning. Pudding is not enough and that is making me angry.

I'm an adult, at least chronologically, you'd think I'd have some measure of control over this but I don't.

Want. Ice cream. Now.


  1. The nearest grocery store is 2 miles from my house. It closes at 10. We should not mention the number of times I have gone there between 8 and 10 because I NEED ICE CREAM.

  2. It was a great relief and minor sadness to realize that chronology is pretty much meaningless.

  3. though I'm totally not an ice cream girl, I get it. I'd cross oceans of time to get to some nachos. on any. given. day.

  4. I've more of an attraction to chocolate. Sometimes i just need a chewy snickers bar or something.