Friday, September 07, 2007


I've been watching Saving Grace. They had me at Holly Hunter, of course. They kept me from leaving by frequently removing Kenny Johnson's clothes. OK, partly but not solely that*. It's like Joan of Arcadia but for grown-ups.

The part that they don't talk about in the press, though, at least not the press here, is that it's Rescue Me for Oklahoma. RM was the first show/play/book/movie based on people who experienced 9/11 that I found watchable, nay compelling. It's a character thing, sure, but it's characters living lives that were shaped by that day rather than a fraught re-telling of the incident. Saving Grace is Rescue Me in, what, 10 years? Grace is a police officer who was a first respondent to the Oklahoma City bombing.

I know some folk from the OK. I'll be spending as much time as possible with some of them this week. We've talked a tiny bit about our respective bombings but not extensively. I wonder what they think of Saving Grace, if they're watching it, if it is even getting special press in OKC. I think it's worth it but I'm waiting, interested to hear from the ones who lived it.

*Dear TNT, this is not to imply that it's OK to cut down on Naked Time With Kenny J. Please feel free to keep airing out my boy's pretty, pretty skin. Thanks. Love, Kizz


  1. We're watching Saving Grace, too. I find myself a little strained by Laura San Giacomo's character, but we're hanging in there anyway.

    I think your assessment of it - as a midwestern Rescue Me - isn't too far off. Being a big fan of RM, I'm watching to see how each of them is able to articulate the pain and pathology of their main characters in ways that bring them just to the edge of irredeemability...

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Just can't get into it. Holly Hunter's talents are wasted on this POS.