Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10 Places to Go

I suspect this idea will take more than 10 slots. I dream of road trips. I dream of days in shorts and tanks with the top down and my sunglasses on with the radio blaring. There's so much to see on this continent alone and I do not know why I've waited this long and still haven't seen it. Here's a selection of 10, not necessarily in the order I would plan my trip.

1. Seattle, WA to visit Miss Rebecca.

2. Portland, OR to visit my family and to go to that crazy donut shop that Anthony Bourdain showed me.

3. Los Angeles, CA because I've never been and I think I'd hate it but I don't know for sure.

4. Marin County to visit Gar and see what Pony Express thinks it's so gorgeous.

5. Anywhere there's a baseball stadium or park on game day.

6. Mackinac Island, MI because the only time I've been there it was cold and I was working and I had to take a plane from the mainland that was smaller than a van.

7. Baltimore, MD The secret is that about a decade ago I sometimes entertained thoughts of leaving NYC (I know, scandalous, I knew it would never happen) and I thought about moving to Baltimore. I had a great weekend there once so apparently it made an impression.

8. Halifax, Nova Scotia to visit Ruby, I can't believe how long it's been since I saw her, it's criminal.

9. New Orleans, LA because it's been too long since I've been there, too.

10. The St. Petersburg area of FL to see the Dali museum and meet some family I have down there.

Where would your car take you?


  1. well, I'd follow you, following Anthony Bourdain, almost anywhere. no bone marrow though. I think I'd travel west. Have just never been there.
    1.New Mexico
    2.Grand Canyon
    3.back to Wyoming, Jackson Hole this time.
    4.washington/oregon/pacific northwest.
    5.wine country...napa...sonoma...
    6.back to cali. the one week in Santa Monica was full of work. but that beach and ocean were freakin amazing. the weather did not suck either.
    7.San Diego...i want to see a koala. and more ocean
    8.san antonio.
    9.savannah ga...making my way back
    10.I'd go back up to Boston/Maine/NH. Did a roadtrip for my honeymoon of all things and hit these places for only the briefest of time. Need more there.

  2. without the ex-husband....forgot to add that part.

  3. Alaska or Nova Scotia...what is important here is the Northern Lights, not the location from where the are seen.

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I'm too tired to think of places that haven't been mentioned, but I'd love to go to Baltimore, too. I even bought some Baltimore guide books once, but never used them. It was "Homicide, Life on the Street" of all things that made me itch to go there.

    And I second the Grand Canyon. I've never been - I'm sure I'd come back with thousands of pictures! :-)

  5. New Zealand...it would be s wet drive with the ocean and all, but I think my Subaru Outback could make it. Definitely New Zealand.

  6. Hi E-
    Maryland??? Hmm..interesting...Ive considered DC....yeah its funny- I get a feeling Im not gonna like LA either....

  7. Hello.
    O!klahoma... by way of picking up me!
    Add that to your list any of you.

    I second all of your emotions.

  8. I am 100% with you on going to baseball parks on sunny days. Nothing better. Well. If they have snoballs. Then that's better.

  9. Zelda, do you know where the ex-h is? Do you ever see him?

    Like I said, this is only the first of what will surely be MANY lists for this trip. OK and the Grand Canyon will absolutely be on other lists.

    Yum, snoballs.

  10. the last time i saw/spoke to him was when I was moving out, September of 97. He called mom a few times,trying to pass the number on to me but I've never called. Last I heard he was in Tulsa. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFt. But if it weren't for him, for finding him and marrying him and then leaving him, I'd never have you!!!

  11. Where is that prick? I need to send him a muffin basket!

  12. Anonymous11:14 PM

    OK, Try New Zealand, South Island, head snapping beauty. Maybe you could be so fortunate and get laid off and be unemployed in NZ..geez,,what a problem!

    You can't collect but you can defer benefits until you get back stateside

    New Zealand...I love UTAH but NZ kicks Utah off of the playing field. You can camp for cheap and great hikes abound.