Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Round for the Whole Joint

This photo was taken by Ulserad at the end of the 2nd game of the first round series of the 2007 playoffs. He was at Fenway. Yeah, I know, I have turned entirely green with envy. His best friend took him and they're going to the 2nd game of the second round tomorrow night, too. A nice lime green now, I suspect it'll deepen to something in the forest range by evening.

On the other hand, those are the two guys that taught me to love baseball. They have lived through the agony of defeat more times than we care to think about so it's fitting that they should wring every drop of thrill out of these victories for however long they last.

Speaking of the thrill of victory, now is a good time for all of us Red Sox fans to take a moment to reflect on that glorious sweep.


Good. Now, go put on your lucky undies and get ready for the second round to start tonight.

I can't say anything else, I'm afraid to jinx it.


  1. I'm taking Beanie to her play tonight because the game's opening pitch is RIGHT at curtain. I'm vibing for them - my house is so much happier when they're doing well...

  2. Please allow me to jinx it for you dear Kizz.

    Shilling throws perfect game! Bloody Sock Returns! Manny hits 6 HR's in 1 game! Big Papi promises all of Latin America visas upon WS win! Ballgame over!Red Sox sweep! Thuh-uh-uh-uh Red SOX! SWEEP!


    Your grumbling Yankees fan praying for Torre's reprieve,


  3. Anonymous7:48 PM

    lol. Go Red Sox!

  4. Joe. Dude. You're a Yanks fan, YOU can't actually jinx the Sox. I admire your commitment in trying, though, even after your season has ended.

    I, too, have my fingers crossed for Torre's return. He's a good man who does a good job for management that is always trying to find away to screw anyone they can (hello brand new pain in the ass stadium!).

    That said, tonight's game was 10-3 Sox so I can breathe out very briefly before tomorrow's game.

  5. Oh, and Chili, your house must be like Mardi Gras tonight!