Thursday, October 18, 2007


The weird thing about living in New York is the number of people that you "know" without ever speaking to them. Anecdotal evidence suggests that I tend to "know" more people that I don't speak to both because I refuse to speak to most people and because I tend to observe and remember things about people in my quest to write and act new characters.

As a for instance there was this thuggy white guy that used to live in my apartment complex. He hung out with the young, multiracial, drinking-in-the-courtyard crowd but he was super hyperactive and didn't seem to have a key to the place where he was living (with his parents? hard to tell) so he was down there at all hours, both when I came home from work and when I left. I heard him talk about going to work a couple of times. He sticks in my mind not only because he was the only white kid of his age down there but also because he liked my dog and he talked to me about her, even helped me out when some total idiot dog owner wouldn't move so I could get through the courtyard with my "unpredictable" dog.

Then he disappeared.

One day I walked by him on his way to the handball court (hyperactive, remember?) and the next day he was gone.

A month or so ago he turned up in the office building where I work. That's over 6 miles and a totally different culture away. Not to worry, he's not stalking me, without my dog he can't even seem to identify me. He's an electrician there and it seems like he's doing pretty well for himself. I've seen him a few times and even accidentally made eye contact once but I can almost guarantee he hasn't made the connection. I might say hi some day but I'm just going to play it by ear.

It's weird, right? But also weirdly cool.

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  1. That *is* pretty cool. These loose social network are neat.