Tuesday, October 09, 2007


10 Foods on the Yum List

1. Lobster
2. Pineapple from a can
3. Chocolate (cake, sauce, bar, pie, pudding, hot, cold and in between)
4. Egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread
5. Sushi
6. Linguini with clam sauce
7. Beets
8. Shrimp tacos from the place across the street from work
9. French toast with corned beef
10. A fountain coke over crushed ice

10 Foods on the Yuck list

1. Bananas
2. Raw oysters
3. Cooked spinach (or really any cooked greens)
4. Eggplant
5. Mushrooms
6. Cooked peppers
7. Most kinds of regular fish
8. Rice pudding
9. Plain yogurt
10. Maple walnut ice cream

OK, now you do it.


  1. YUM:
    1. blackberries (fresh or cobblered)
    2. watermelon (Black Diamond)
    3. Blue Bell Butter Pecan ice cream
    4. sweet potato fries
    5. salsa/guac/queso
    6. fried pork chops
    7. pecan pie
    8. corn-meal breaded fried catfish
    9. Indian frybread and Grandmother's plum jelly
    10. chick-o-stick

    You can pretty much bank on the fact that if it's fried I will like it.

  2. Yum
    1. Artichokes
    2. Raspberries
    3. Olives (Nicoise, Picholine)
    4. Parmesan cheese crackers
    5. Falafel
    6. Creme brulee
    7. Squash enchiladas
    8. Red pepper and tomato soup
    9. Coffee and more coffee
    10. Roasted beets

    1. Lima beans
    2. Radishes
    3. Meat
    4. Fake crab
    5. Goopy cole slaw
    6. Poached eggs
    7. Fried eggs
    8. Hard boiled eggs
    9. Miracle Whip
    10. Black beans

    There are 1000 good ways to cook eggplant. It is one of my favorite foods, cooked right.

  3. Yum:

    pizza (cheese with extra sauce)
    chicken dinner sandwiches
    chocolate waffles
    steak on the grill
    baked potato w/cheese, butter & bacon
    Stonewall Kitchen sour cherry jam
    vanilla yogurt with granola


    boiled or fried eggs
    bleu cheese
    raw tomatoes
    cooked peppers
    fish of any kind
    pea soup
    legumes of any kind (it's a texture thing)
    pate and foi gras

  4. Oh Suebob I wish I could believe you about the eggplant. It's mostly a texture thing for me, it makes my teeth itch to feel it.

    Fried = YUM!

    Chili, I'm continually amazed about how many of the items on your yuck list that are on my yum one. Good thing we don't depend on each other for sustenance. :)

  5. Yum
    1. salt and vinegar chips
    2. salsa. hot not sweet
    3. onion fried burger from hometown burger place
    4. fried okra
    5. chicken fried steak with creme gravy
    6. chicken pasole soup
    7. meatloaf (mine)
    8. creme brulee (got seduced with that once.
    9. sushi
    10. bloody marys made with zing zang, cold beer, club special made with cold vodka and fresh lime.

    1.green peas
    2.boiled okra
    3.raw tomatos (as in a salad, or sliced on a burger)
    pretty much anything slick. if it can start at my teeth, string itself down to my tummy and still be attached. . . bleagh.

    apparently I like to eat every freaking thing but the four listed above.

    no wonder I have forty different sizes in my closet.

    10 foods I actually eat

    1.fiber one bars
    2.lean cuisine paninis
    3.lean cuisine brick oven pizzas
    4.progresso soups
    5.steamed veggies
    6.grilled fish and chicken
    8.baked lays
    9.subway sandwiches
    10.waterwaterwaterwaterwater. sans vodka

  6. Now that my tastes and diet have changed... hum.

    Ten things I would have eaten previously: (seriously, this was my diet)

    1. Meatloaf
    2. Bbq ribs
    3. Bbq brisket
    4. Hamburger steaks super well done with ketchup
    5. Pot Roast
    6. Hot Dogs, super well done with mustard
    7. Steak, medium
    8. Spaghetti with meatballs!
    9. Taco Bueno Cripsy Beef Tacos
    10. My Mother's Chili

    Ten Things I eat now in a no hoves, no horns, no claws world

    1. Spinach, steamed, raw, canned no matter.
    2. Champayne vinagerette dressing
    3. Grapes, green or purple
    4. Apples, Roma or granny
    5. Yogurt, Lemon Cream Pie is Yummy.
    6. Real Nilla Wafers, just a spot of crunch with my yogurt
    7. Pasta, my previously posted recipe with the curly pasta, spinach, tomatoes, parm chz and olive oil is a staple!
    8. Baked Plain Lays, rippled or regular
    9. Asigo Cheese bread
    10. Beans, red or black. My new taco.

    Ten Things I never ate before horns, claws and hoves or will after:

    1. Marshmallows
    2. Coconut, but I love the artifical flavor of it.
    3. Mayonaise, it looks like cum.
    4. Beets
    5. Hominy
    6. Prunes
    7. Any kind of Chedder flavored potato chips, artifical or otherwise
    8. Sprouts or any kind Brussell or otherwise
    9. Tabasco, oy. It just stinks.
    10. Cheese from a jar, like nacho cheese or Velvetta.