Thursday, October 04, 2007

I still love you

Just a quick heads up. I'm really super busy tomorrow (class, groceries, rehearsal, dog to K&A, meet Pony Express, train to NJ) and don't know if I'll have any down time at all. Then on Sat I'm out and about with Pony Express and her mom all day. I'll be taking my camera and having a good time but I'll miss you guys.

Have fun while I'm out. I have sitemeter, I know there are more of you reading than are commenting so I encourage you gently to please comment. Just say anything, even if you aren't a fan of Cusack. (heh)


  1. have a great weekend! Enjoy your time...and quite frankly, I don't trust anyone who doesn't love John Cusack.

  2. Come on. Everybody loves Cusack.

  3. I've been told that, while I don't look anything like John Cusack, I act a hell of a lot like he did in Say Anything and High Fidelity. I took that as the highest of compliments.

  4. Anonymous1:03 AM

    I saw John Cusack in a movie yesterday, on dvd, he was the heavy. The Italian Job.

  5. Gerry, I think you're thinking of Edward Norton. Also a fabulous actor but not, I don't think, as universally beloved as Cusack.

    Rich, that's for sure a huge compliment!