Tuesday, October 02, 2007

List Will Make You Feel Good

Chili will attest that I've been spiraling in a downward direction lately. So, we're going to make a Sound of Music sort of list here. This could be tough.

1. Chocolate, natch. I treated myself to a cocoa but really wanted ice cream unfortunately the place I passed wasn't open yet. Pudding will happen before bed.

2. Sleep. There has been so little of that lately.

3. Reading. I'm in the middle of a convoluted but intriguing book.

4. TV. Dude, Grey's Anatomy was a bit of a shocker and now I'm watching a new show that is...eh, OK.

5. A1eve. It's not doing its job yet but when it does it'll make me and my entire abdomen feel so much better.

6. Pineapple from a can. No, I don't know why but I like it and I ate a whole can, straight out of the aforementioned can, at work. It's no wonder my co-workers give me a wide berth, I'm a little odd and apparently I'm not afraid to show it.

7. The pets. They're goodies. Elvis' health problems are dragging me down but they all still crack me up and life would be less fun without them.

8. Good music. Especially men singing in harmony. I listened to Lily's Eyes today by chance and it just...helps everything.

9. New York City. Some bitch in an SUV with a bluetooth ear piece tried to tell me about Brooklyn tonight. In suburbia I'd have to be sweet about it. Not here. I can give her directions and a good dressing down and it'll all be chalked up to ambiance. Fucking bitch.

10. Blogs, bloggers, and the like. That's you guys. Thanks for swinging by y'all, anyone have any more A1eve? How 'bout a chocolate bar?

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  1. I love feel-good lists, and I think it's important, now and then, to check in with the good stuff.

    I'm TOTALLY doing the cocoa thing now that it's getting cold out again...