Friday, October 26, 2007

Lowering Blood Pressures All Over the City

Earlier this year I finally took the recommendation of a number of friends and started to read some of the real estate/development/citizen empowerment blogs for New York City like Curbed and Brownstoner and Clinton Hill Blog. A lot of them are based in a particular neighborhood but some take on whole boroughs. They all link to each other and most cross post relevant information.

Its hard to explain exactly what they do so you should probably just click one of those links and scan through a couple of entries to see what they're talking about. Some of it is very technical or about renovations or purchases that I don't have even close to enough money to entertain. Other things are really interesting to me, restaurants I want to try, the closing of businesses I love, governmental changes that will affect me, stuff like that. They even ask for information from commenters. There are a lot of commenters on these sites. A lot. And they're mean. So mean! If someone posts pictures of a renovated apartment most of the comments disparage it. And not with a "Wow, looks like my grandmother did the decorating." it's about how the person who allowed an architect or decorator to do such a thing must have fundamental character flaws. Only their language is more colorful.

You have to have a thick skin and a fearless nature to submit a question to the general readership. I stopped reading the comments pretty early on because it was making me really uncomfortable. I just don't get it. I feel like the ability to comment on real estate is preventing heart attacks all over New York by letting people lash out indiscriminately and disproportionately. Anybody have any theories about why this subject matter prompts people to release their pent up venom out into the internet?


  1. Jealousy. New Yorkers are so jealous of the spaces other New Yorkers live in, because they just aren't making land anymore.

  2. I agree with the above poster. It must be jealousy. Ive been on some sites like that and they have these "cliques" or "gangs" and they are especially harsh to newcomers. Its too bad, it might otherwise have been a nice forum for discussion. Maybe you cans tart your own and set "ground rules". :)