Saturday, October 20, 2007

October Gets Hotter and Hotter

Criteria for choices was me recognizing the name and being able to find an acceptable photo of the person either in a Red Sox uniform or not in uniform. I did not penalize for bad attitudes but I thought about it (Josh Beckett, I'm looking at you). I did give extra points for the kind of hot that's on the inside (Terry Francona, I'm looking at you, sir).

Before we go let me comment on the "Believe Again" banner I saw in the bleachers of Fenway. If there was a point at which you stopped believing, and I assume there was since you now believe again, then you need to pick another fucking team. You're clearly "Not Our Kind Dear" (tm Tracey).


  1. Anonymous7:17 AM

    If JD Drew keeps hitting like he did yesterday I might think he is hot. That say's a lot because 1. I have been mad at him all year and 2. Well, he's a boy... After that grand slam I would have kissed him!

  2. In honor of that Grand Slam I tried to get a picture of him, too but there was nothing acceptable in a Red Sox uni. After last night's game, though, I'm hoping the selection of photos for him improves.

  3. Excuse me, but I believe *I* was the one who first pointed out how incredibly hot Mike Lowell is. Your picture, though, is WAY hotter than mine. Thanks for that.

    Mr. Chili HATES J.D. Drew - he calls him J.D. Screw. I'm not sure that the grand slam redeems the guy in my husband's eyes, even - and he certainly wouldn't have kissed him.

  4. Oh, I promise I'm not claiming to break new ground. You read my criteria for choice. Glad you like the pic I found, though.

    I don't know a dang thing about Drew except his Grand Slam but it sure did sound like everybody was surprised he was the one coming through in the clutch.