Monday, October 29, 2007

Play It Again, Sam*

In the short 2 games this series was in CO I saw, I believe, 5 broken bats. I know they keep the balls in a humidor because they dry out and get smaller and sprout little snitch wings and fly away but what's up with the bats? My limited powers of deduction would suggest that the bats also dry out (so fast, though?) and become brittle, like my hair. Anyone know for sure? Was it just an MLB cost cutting measure and they made shitty bats for a couple of games? That doesn't seem smart.

Would you get in the way of anything coming off the end of his bat (whoops, dirty!)? I don't think so.

There was some question the other night about what women (and one assumes some men, too) find attractive about Manny. I think it's that smile (not pictured) and that commitment (see above). I hesitate to include how the batshit crazy factors in.

Speaking of batshit crazy...

Seriously, though, if he keeps just saving games like that he's welcome to dance around the infield in his undies (also not pictured but it looked a lot like this only with no shoes) all he wants. No, really, go right ahead, let Mama just grab herself a box of vino and a lawn chair and she'll be right there.

There have been days that the Red Sox dugout has been very dusty but last night they cleaned house** and the Nation was pleased.

*Yes, I know this phrase didn't actually appear in Casablanca, I'm using it anyway.

**Please do not use the woman on the right as an example of good fanship. She's enthusiastic and she has good props but don't buy a team cap in a color that doesn't belong to the team. Get a Celtics cap if you need something green, don't be ridiculous.


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Dude, don't be so mean to the woman in the green cap. The Sox wear green for St. Patricks day!! Lot's o' Irish folks wear em for a bit o luck!
    Guess who's skipping out of work early to go to the parade!!

  2. Jie knows all things baseball and he will know why the bats are breaking. Stalk him if you want to know.

  3. Auntie, I smell a guest post. I hope it has a topping of parade pictures!

    Gert, thanks for the heads up, will do right now.

  4. There were relatively few broken bats in Colorado. The altitude actually has less to do with it than the arsenal of the pitchers. The more pitchers who throw inside and jam hitters closer to the handle (where the bat narrows, is thinner, and, when contact is made, is more prone to shatter) the more broken bats.

    The best example of a decidedly eco-unfriendly pitcher is our very own Mo Rivera. 2004 ALCS: Mo cost Johnny Damon 3 bats in a 5 pitch at bat. Rivera's cut fastball (which tails in on the hands) is notorious for increasing bat orders.

  5. I HOPE Auntie does the guest post - she's really quite a good guest blogger.

    Did you watch the very beginning of the last game? The guy who was announcing the Red Sox lineup said something like "David Ortiz on first base. He says he wants to play. YOU tell him 'no'." CRACKED. ME. UP. I do love me some Big Papi (oooh! Dirty!)!

  6. That was Fred Willard, he's a card, very funny guy. Brad Garret did the other line up and he said something funny too but I can't remember what it was.

    I think we've got her convinced to do the guest post and I can't wait!

  7. Ha ha! The green cap. I love pink, I think pink baseball caps are cute, too. But, please, ladies. Stick to the team colors for a team cap! The Saints have come out with an "orange" one for halloween. Wha?