Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quelle D'omage*

Are you watching Damages? If you saw the penultimate episode of this first season you saw my block! That last scene where Ellen talks to Patty? Not in my neighborhood, not even I think in my borough. Right after that, though, when she walks around the corner of a building and those menacing guys start to follow her? That's my bodega, my bus stop, the place where Pony Express gets her caffeine is in the background. That is across the street from my house. Hee. You'd think I wouldn't still be tickled by that stuff.

But I am.

*Can't guarantee I spelled that right.


  1. No, I get that you're excited about that. Part of the reason I used to watch Spenser for Hire was because of the familiar scenery.

    I'm still watching Damages, so don't give anything away - I'm LOVING this show...

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I don't watch it but I want to see the new Ben Affleck movie because it was filmed in Boston. I don't even know the name of the movie.. Do you? Way cool!

  3. I think it's Casey Afflek that has that movie coming out. It's a mystery by the guy who wrote Mystic River, looks pretty good. Yeah,I looked it up, Ben doesn't have a movie out, Casey's movie is called Gone Baby Gone.