Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sometimes It's Better if I Just Sit Quietly

Why am I posting at almost 5:30pm? Because I got sprung from work early and have walked the dog and am sitting around the house in my happy pants? No. No, I am posting now because payback is a bitch and when you're often allowed to leave work early or call in sick or just rained on and you never work on Fridays you can't really complain when you have to stay a little late. This is 2 days in a row, though, and it's on the same guy and I'm seething quietly.

But it means I can squeeze in a blog post so we'll just call it a partial win.

Leah wrote a couple of spot on posts today. She was reacting to some relatively invasive and presumptive comments from her post yesterday and I really felt her pain. So I thought I'd comment and say so. I wrote a nice little comment saying just what I said in the last sentence and then I went on:

Quick funny story to alleviate the punching. I have awesome friends. If I have to take my pets to the vet someone almost always comes with me. So most vets think I'm a lesbian but when you come in with a girl no one drops any of the hints about it. My cat got very sick a couple of weeks ago and a male friend was in from out of town. He is a fabulous dude, from the Bay area actually, and he was right on board for skipping our dinner plans and helping me at the emergency vet. He did gross things, things no one should ever have to do for a friend, especially a friend you're visiting for the first time in 15 years and he did them with a smile. At one point the vet said, "These are great cats, really super. But you guys are calm" and he leaned in for the implication "so that's not surprising." When Garret casually disabused him of the notion that we were together the guy started hitting on me.

Dude, you need to stop working so much. Get out of the vet's office once in a while and meet a real girl. I'm not married but neither am I shopping for man-meat by paying $300 to sit in an exam room with a urine-soaked cat who's bleeding from the ass.

So, yeah, people make ridiculous assumptions all the time. I'm sorry they did it to you.

What the fucking fuck am I fucking talking about?

I am pretty new to commenting regularly on blogs, especially blogs of people I don't know well. I feel like if I'm going to spend the time to comment and spend the time of whoever will read the comment I have to have something worthwhile to say. Sometimes, though, emotionally something feels right to say but it's not much or I feel like my "sorry" isn't going to do enough so I have this compulsion to add in something funny or uplifting, like having someone say they have a headache and offering them the opium you have in your purse, it's neither useful nor appropriate. Today I managed to keep my finger off the Post button until I'd edited myself appropriately, we are not always that lucky.


  1. I am shocked that when someone finds you attractive and flirts with you, your response is he needs to get out more/not work so much.

    For shame, for shame, sister-friend.

  2. You might be aggravated, you might be ashamed, you might even be aghast but you can't be shocked. I mean, you do KNOW me after all. :)