Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stockpiling for Winter

Looks like Chili beat me to this admission. I think that just goes to show you that great minds really do think alike. I've been stockpiling blog entries since I can't seem to get it together to write all the things I want to write. I have lists of ideas and I have drafts in blogger and I have constant narration in my head. It's partly to get ready for NaBloPoMo since during the first weekend I'll have a friend in town and I want to make sure that I have things to post even if I don't have time to write anything. It's like pumping extra breast milk if you work full time only blog posts last longer than 14 days and they don't take up any space in the fridge. It is hard to get ahead, though. I'm used to just pressing "publish post" so I have to remember to save as a draft. I was going to save that Real Mental post but I hit the wrong button. I'm used to the blessed immediacy of blogging and now I'm trying to rein that in. It's unnatural! Seems to be working pretty well, though, so I'll keep trying it for a while.


  1. My concern about NaBloPoMo really IS irrational, seeing as though I post every day anyway. Whatever...

  2. I guess irrationality doesn't make it any less real, you know? So here we are like blogosphere squirrels.