Saturday, October 06, 2007

Tranni Fanni

I'm watching a bit of Eddie Izzard before I take my exhaustion and my sinus headache and my pets to bed. Have you checked him out yet? For real, what are you waiting for? His brain simply must be seen to be believed. You will enjoy it. Really. Money back guarantee. (OK not really but go watch him anyway.)


  1. LOVE HIM!!! Love him in dress up. (do you have a flag??? ciao!) Love him in plain clothes (Ocean's movies) Loved him and really only him in the FX thing he did/does with Minnie Driver.


  2. I like Driver, too, but he's definitely the reason to keep coming back to that show.

    I am in awe of the feeling of spontaneity of his stand up.

  3. We have all long been friends.
    Do you have a flag? Cake or death?
    His Dressed to Kill routine is some of the best comedy I have ever seen in my life.