Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Is't O' Clock?

I'm a fan of standardized time. In point of fact I'm kind of bitter over the new daylight saving parameters. I know, you can't hold onto time, I get that and yet, I can't stop trying. So imagine my surprise when I read this today:

"Do you know that universal time didn't exist until around the late 1800s? It was two o'clock in one village, three o'clock in another. It wasn't until the transcontinental railroads that we all had to agree on when it was two and when it was three, so people could mke their trains. It took a full generation just to convince people that they had to show up at work every single day at the same hour."

- Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham
Two o'clock in one village and three o'clock in another? Were dogs and cats also living together?! Was up down? Was left right? Clearly total anarchy reigned! It's a wonder the human race even survived. Freaks.


  1. ummmm...sometimes I worry about you babe.

  2. I was reading a novel and it spoke to me. I know, I'm a little wacky but face it, you love me like this.

  3. I love the fact that each village could have its own time zone. New Orleans is a touch like that - there were/are pretty lax expectations of being "on time" for anything.

  4. Your crazy is home to me! besides, you're leading the parade so I'm following right behind ya!