Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where DID you go?

So, a little quiet today but that's because I've been on the road all day. We're celebrating Queen Bee's birthday back home tonight. I got on the Chinatown bus and with the help of ProfDoc was able to surprise the Queen.

She was really surprised.

No, really.

The King Bee threw her a party (another surprise and another one she totally fell for) and made an ungodly scrumptious dinner of seafood pasta. I am full, so full, so happy. We're hanging around with a bottle of wine and the Red Sox game (GO SOX!) and enjoying the good life.

This is also my excuse for not using all your fabulous suggestions for humilia...I mean, dressing the pooch up for Halloween. The Pupkin got rain delayed until tomorrow but I'll still be on the bus on the way back.

She's only going to turn 40 once, though, and I wasn't about to miss it. She looks beautiful, she's got a stable of great friends and she's got a newfound rabid love for the BoSox. I think this next decade is looking like a winner.


  1. Happy Birthday Queen Bee!!

    I've LOVED my 30s, and have been told, by people in the know, that the 40s don't suck, either.

    I'm watching the game with Mr. Chili and he's pretty excited. It's going well for the homeboys - Mr. Chili might be right about his "four game series" idea...

  2. Happy belated Queen.
    Please let us know how 40 is!
    I cannot wait!
    4 more years!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!