Monday, October 22, 2007

Who Trained Who?

Now that we have some cool weather and the heat is on in my place I've had to start using my humidifier to keep the entire inside of my head from hemorrhaging. It's a noisy apparatus, mostly white noise with the occasional glugging of water descending into the well.

As a pet owner I am conditioned to respond immediately to the gagging sound of an animal about to vomit in a projectile manner.

Apparently while I'm sleeping I can't tell the difference between glugging and gagging. I keep sitting bolt upright from a dead sleep ready to fling an animal off an upholstered surface before the eruption.


  1. Funny.
    It will help A LOT. Your pets will notice the difference as well.
    Hairball remedy its not though. Too bad.
    Very funny indeed dear.
    Now I will not be able to hear mine do that without thinking of you.

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I'm so sorry! I slept quite soundly before I had my cat. Then I would wake up quite a bit. She's now gone, hopefully having fun wherever she is, but I never got back to my old restful sleep patterns, and now I have Little Seal, so there's no hope for me :-)

    Media Guy, however, has the enviable ability of being able to sleep through quite a bit of "I'm in distress / I want food / I'm lonely" noises!

  3. Nice to know you'll be thinking of me often Gert. :)

    Mostly cats aren't a lot of work but there are some things...