Saturday, October 13, 2007

Whole Lot 'o Nuthin'

I was going to post a picture of Ulserad and his BFF at Fenway but I haven't obtained permission to post it and if I cut off or blur out their faces you miss the 20 years it shaves off their ages to be so ecstatic and at Fenway and watching baseball during the playoffs and wearing weirdly matching outfits.

It was gonna be great, though, the perfect companion to the 10-3 Sox win in the first game.

I'm not breathing a sigh of relief or anything, it's just the first game and all. I am enjoying it, though, nice to see our boys make good bit by bit.

For the record, I was not at home watching the game, I was at a play. Peter Weekly is finishing off a run of Nosferatu. On Sunday the company moves up to the Cape for a 2 week Halloween run. I've seen every incarnation of the year-long odyssey of this production so I wanted to be sure to see the culmination. We went out after but it was strictly a theatre crowd, going to a sports bar to check the score was out of the question.

OK, I'm tired and I need to wash this makeup off and walk the dog and pee and get to bed and stop rambling. Hope y'all had a great Friday night. I missed you!

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