Tuesday, November 20, 2007

10 Things

It's Tuesday. According to Derek lists make blogging easier. I've got nothing theme-wise. How about 10 things I'm going to cook for my post-Thanksgiving open house? Yeah, that'll do.

1. Turkey breast - Kath & Alex are having a small gathering with a big turkey on Thursday so they're kindly donating the leftovers. I'll be supplementing with a breast...a turkey breast.

2. Gravy - never enough.

3. Green bean casserole - natch.

4. Sweet potato pie - I serve and eat this as a side dish though I guess some people consider it a dessert.

5. Chocolate pie - yes it is just chocolate pudding in a pie shell, wanna make something of it?

6. Pecan pie - classic.

7. Homemade bread - perfect sandwiches.

8. Butternut squash - I used to like it as a kid, there are a fair number of vegetarians coming so I figured why not?

9. Roasted carrots & potatoes - roasted veggies are pretty much food of the gods, no?

10. Jellied cranberry sauce - yes, jellied, yes it's just opening a can, yes I do like that best, no I'm not ashamed.

What are you making/eating?


  1. Okay, I've just gotta share:

    The other day, we were watching Good Eats (as we are prone to do), and Alton made a HOMEMADE green bean casserole. He used fresh green beans, made the mushroom sauce himself AND oven-fried the onions. When it was all over, I sat on the couch thinking, "I bet it won't be as good as the stuff out of the can." I mean, I bet it would be BETTER, certainly, but when one is SO accustomed to something being a certain way - and one LIKES that certain way - improving upon it doesn't really feel like an improvement.

    I'm RIGHT there with you on the pie and the cranberry sauce, too. Don't let 'em give you any shit about it - I've totally got your back.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I HAVE to make cream cheese corn. Ok, so it takes a whole 5 minutes and I happen to love it too, but still.

    Man, I can't wait till Thursday.

  3. I do love the jellied out of a can. But I make my own every year. Its super easy and I love to watch the Cranberries pop as they cook.

    My Mother makes stuffing. Cornbread stuffing. This is crucial to the Thanksgiving feast. I know some people make bread and even MEAT stuffing. How freaking gross is that? But my Mother's is the best.

    We also have cakes. Banana cake and I don't like banana's. But I like this cake and what would Thanksgiving be without...
    Gertrude Armstrong cake?
    Its a family thing. Chocolate cake made with cocoa and you ice it when its hot. Its so moist and delicious. I cannot wait.

    Freaking hungry now.

    Cream Cheese corn... sounds delicious. I would like that recipe please.

    And thanks for the Veggies love. I won't be able to be with you on Turkey day but its nice that you are preparing for the no horns, no hooves, no claws people.

  4. If I tell you green bean casserole makes me gag, will we still be friends?

    Roasted veggies are, in fact, food of the gods.

    As is chocolate pudding in a crust...so long as there is whipped cream.

  5. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Hey, My Blue Eyed Wonder and I are going to my mom's for Thursday. No green bean cassarole, no mushrooms..that is a private/personal food favorite.

    We get to have bacon wrapped filet mignon
    ( cooked by lovely sister on a Webber Cooker charcoal grill) Mom is doing a Ceasar salad, I've got Pioneer Woman's mashed pataoes..you think that the 6 pounds of potatoes, butter and cream cheese can feed eleven adults? Can you say arterial sclerosis?

    Think we'll pop before we eat? Burp. Probably. We are thankful for not being lactose tolerant, I guess.

    And then we leave on Friday for a three day excursion to the OBE family. Best family ever, football, friends, more food, some drinks, and the Patriots winning another game. Yippee!

    You all just enjoy your long weekend with your families of choice or birth or both. We all have reasons to be thankfull, always. ( I like the Mary Daly spellings, when given a chioce)

    Enjoy, Laurie B

  6. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Oh, tha is lactose intolerant. And evertything you all are eating sounds lovely. Go and have a great time.

  7. Chili, that green bean casserole sounds divine, it just doesn't sound like the classic. It has its place but that place is not on the unpretentious Thanksgiving table.

    Contrary, please do share that cream cheese corn recipe. I have no idea what that is but it sounds so delightful.

    Gert, here's the thing, I had a terrible stuffing experience as a kid. The only traditional thing I won't be providing my guests with is stuffing. I know that people who love it can't live without it I just can't live with even the smell of it. Also, chocolate cake recipe, please? I tend to attract a lot of vegetarians to my open house and the first year I had woefully little to offer them so each year I try to expand in that direction.

    Snob, it's ok, that just means that there'll be more green bean casserole for me. And you can have ALL my whipped cream.

    Wow, Laurie, your feast sounds like a non-traditional treat for the taste buds. Those potatoes are going to be so freaking good. They may kill you but at least you'll die happy, right? It'll be entirely worth it.

  8. Yeah baby, I'm bringing you lots of turkey, possibly some roasted potatoes, and definitely some of my homemade cranberry-blood orange relish. Can't wait...hope my stomach holds up!

  9. Oh Kath, an unfortunate line break where I first read this comment had me reading that you were bringing me something made of cranberries and blood. What your bringing sounds SO much better. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

  10. Anonymous9:31 PM

    My mom can't have Thanksgiving without jellied cranberries from a can - don't mess with it - it MUST have the can lines and be shaped like a can, or it's no good!

    We had 3 pies - one of which was cherry. My boss said, "Why are you having cherry - they're not even in season." Season, what does that matter? Just open a can an pour them in the shell :-)

    I did make a homemade spinach quiche for my veggie husband though.