Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Art For the People

Since Design Sponge and Mighty Goods introduced me to all the original and affordable art that is easy to find thanks to the wonder of Mr. Gore's internet I have been obsessed. For a while I harbored a secret plan to give original artwork for Christmas but, you know, I'm just not sure if it's OK to buy people art. What if they don't like what you like or you can't work out what they like? What if they don't like or don't need any more art? Will they feel obligated to hang it up when you come over even if they hate it? I've had some spectacularly heartfelt and horrible ideas for presents before. So, instead of giving the art (I think, don't count it out, I haven't really even begun my Christmas shopping yet) I'll pass along one of the lovely links. With the tag line, "everyone needs art" 20x200 is a site giving us laypeople access to lower cost limited runs of artwork. They introduce 2 new pieces each week, one photographic and one on paper, in a run of 200. The pieces are available in different sizes, the smallest of which is sold for $20.

$20 for limited run "real" art.

That's art for the people. Why don't you go treat yourself to some?


  1. This is so cool. Especially for artistically challenged people like myself. Thanks for the link.

    Myself, I would love someone to give me any piece of art, but I am one of those people who has no decorating theme or clearly defined sense of style...my house and soul are sort of a hodge podge.

  2. I am lucky to have two artists who love me - my adopted mother has given me both drawing and sculpture that I proudly display in my home, and WeedWoman has gifted me with some truly gorgeous pieces that I LOVE looking at every day. That's not to mention the two little girls who keep me in crayon and water color on every magnetic surface in the house. That won't keep me from checking out your sites, though!