Friday, November 16, 2007

Ass Just Officially Kicked

I take this dance class. It seems easy because most of the time you're lying on the floor.

That's deceptive.

It's a mixed level class so you never know what you're going to get since she teaches to everyone's level. Usually, though, there are at least a couple of beginners so she stops frequently to explain concepts and demonstrate them on the veterans.

Today there were 3 of us and all vets. No stopping. No explaining. Just work. Lots and lots of work. Then 1 lady left because she usually only takes half an hour of this class and then goes to another ballet class. Then the other lady, who is well into her 70s left because she isn't able to do the standing portion of class any more.

Just me. All alone. Thoroughly scrutinized.

I learned a whole lot, though. (Are we sensing a theme for the weekend yet? What will I learn from Alex's gig?) However, I am bushed, beaten, rung out. I'm taking a brief tea and wifi break around the corner from the rehearsal studio then I've got a couple of hours of rehearsal. Then laundry. Then I hope that there will be dinner quite close to home and then possible appropriate collapse.


What are y'all up to today?


  1. Playing the black panther game at work, surfing the net, giving all my co workers the George (look frustrated face) so they will think I am working, watching the clock, craving a toddie, and basically a whole lot of NOTHING!

  2. I'm not doing anything today. It's dreary here and I have zero energy. I rented Ocean's 13 for later and am hoping the eye candy helps me shake this crappy mood. Hope rehearsal goes well.