Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Behind the Scenes

I realize that I didn't tell you the biggest thing that was on my mind last week.

"But no," I hear you say, "you told us all about your basal cell carcinoma."

Yeah, well, though some parts of that floated to the top pretty much all the time, what I ended up concentrating on was my job.

Unfathomable, eh?

See, when all of a sudden around midday on a Wednesday, when you have a few of those very rare actual deadlines to meet, your computer goes entirely black and will not respond in any way. Any. Way. It seems that the internal power source was probably zorched.

The only computer in our tiny company that has access to everything and can process everything and provide everything is mine. All the information is backed up but not in a coherent and easily accessible way. So the week was fraught on pretty much every front. One awesome, I Love New York moment came out of it, though.

Wednesday at 4pm found me cabbing to the Apple store with my boss to buy me a new computer. 4:25pm found us in line with the new 20" screen iMac, some software, an extended warranty and a 500 GB back up drive. Once we'd gotten checked out and everything, I was standing on 5th Avenue trying to hail a cab at 4:45 on a weekday. This is possibly as futile an enterprise as any we have ever invented on earth. Knowing that I wanted to get home and breathe again before 8:00pm I had an idea. I beckoned over a pedicab driver and asked him for a price. My boss was entirely skeptical. As a matter of fact his last words to the guy were , "Be careful with her." Very sweet, eh?

It was the best decision I made all week. "Rickshaw Andy" loaded my things into his cart, tucked me in with a quilt and took me on a cycle down 5th Avenue and over to my office. He even went all the way up onto the sidewalk (highly illegal but his cousin's a cop so he has a get out of ticket free card) right to the door of my building and unloaded my heavy burden. He's hilarious and kind and he talks non-stop. He talked to me, he talked to other drivers, he talked to pedestrians and doormen, and he sang. It was glorious. From here on out whoever comes to New York to visit me is required to take a pedicab ride. It's fun and silly and a nice way to appreciate the city.

It's a little expensive, though, so it's not like I could do it every day. Come visit soon, ok?


  1. "Rickshaw Andy"? Really? That's totally cool.

    So, that's how YOU got back to the office - how did your boss get to where he was going?

    Oh, and Mr. Chili thought it was amazing that, "out of all the tech support guys Kizz called, she said I was the only one who actually called her back."

  2. It is really cool, I think you would have loved him.

    My boss walked. Had I not had 16 tons of computer equipment I would have walked too, much more efficient than a cab but much less fun than Rickshaw Andy.

    Not only was Mr. C. the only one to call me back when he did call me back and got some lameass in the office who couldn't remember my name he called my cell phone and left a funny message and when I failed ot call him back what did he do? He gave me a couple of days and HE CALLED ME BACK AGAIN. After 2 days and no less than 10 phone calls and e-mails and texts I got 1 phone call from the guy who is PAID to help me. Clearly Mr. C has no future in tech support, he hasn't read the customer service manual yet. :)

  3. Big and Carrie and their last date in NYC!
    I am so glad you had this moment of appreciation and clarity!
    Like living a scene from a movie that is your life...
    and the band plays on!
    I love it!
    May be you should put a jar on your desk for spare change that says Rickshaw Fund!

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Are you kidding me? I'm gonna have Pookie make me a rickshaw and then I'm gonna teach the boy how to drive it and then I'm gonna sell the car.

    He'll get a great workout and I'll get all my errands done!

  5. you've been randomly tagged. Please see my blog for directions to play along.