Friday, November 30, 2007

Dad Will Love This

On our way back from delivering meals on Thanksgiving we strolled a side street lined with buses. This one says on the right "Concord Band Bus #1" and on the left "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade".

No band I was ever part of went to anything this fancy but I rode on plenty of band buses. Not nearly as many, though, as my dad who has run many a band and drum corps in his time. The last one, I think, was for the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade and I chaperoned the lower brass and drum line for him in a downpour. Good times. No, actually they were.

It wasn't until I was already setting up this shot that I realized the driver was still in the bus. Thank you, sir, for not leaping out of the bus and telling me off!


  1. In the early '80s, I had the privilege of working around the block from the LoneStar Cafe on 5th and 13th, in front of which one often saw the band buss for Bo Diddley!!!

    Across the street from the motor cycle of Malcom Forbes!!!

    That's when America had some respect.

  2. Vanx, you have all the coolest stories. You need to tell more of those, please.