Monday, November 19, 2007

Get On With Your Blurry Self

So, what do you think? If you were in a rock band and I was handling your front of house would I be hip enough for you? You can't really tell but this outfit took a mastery of layering to accommodate any climate. It starts with a pretty pink bra, adds a tank top in case the place is packed and broiling, then a cropped loose weave sweater (thank you, Miflohny) for warmth but still showing the hotter skin baring tank, scarf (handmade by a Bee who is Queen) because if your neck is warm you are warm(er), the jean jacket and, for the walk to and from Alex's to get in the car I added a winter coat.

When I put it that way I don't sound very hip at all, do I?

Alex was really nice about it, though. I think that was because he knew I'd be a pit bull at the door. He and the Nu-Sonics gave a super set, they got a bunch of their new CDs out (Have you bought or downloaded yours yet? If you're going to buy just one track to get started may I suggest Nice Guys or Say Hello No Goodbyes) and I think had some fun, too. I was glad to be there and happy, but not surprised, to see what a nice turnout they had. My only regret was not having a night vision equipped camera so I could get a few pictures of the celebratory group. They looked hot and cool so steam was practically obscuring the stage.


  1. Look how cute you are!! I love seeing photos of my fellow blogging buddies. You're feet were nice and all, but I like seeing your face.

  2. I so wish I could have been there to help you be the Door Nazi! Thanks for taking care of Alex while I was in Nashville. He actually made money because of you!

  3. Hee, thanks Mrs. G.

    K, I wish you could have been there, too. Together we could have been a formidable bad cop-bad cop team. Which is what some of the other asshole rockers needed. I have to say that my favorite non-Nu-Sonics moment of the evening might have been when I told a rocker young enough to be my son, "I have a college degree. I understood you the first time you told me." I had fun and if he hadn't been such a super nice guy I could have made him some more money. Damn him for doing the right thing!

  4. Anonymous11:26 PM

    You did look great. Thanks for all your great help. I'll have to put you on staff one of these days. And yes, money was made because of you! Thanks again for your kind words about the set.

  5. Alex, no thanks necessary.

    Rich, you always know what to say.

  6. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Very hip and cool! Glad you're getting use out of the sweater.