Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hot Scots (Sort Of)

I just watched The Last King of Scotland, a really interesting movie. Someone wrote a book about a historical figure told through the eyes of a fictional one and they hired a documentary filmmaker to make a feature film out of it. That's so twisted it's almost tribute to Idi Amin's whirlygig brain.

Kerry Washington
David Oyelowo
Forest Whitaker
James McAvoy

(I have been relying on stockpiled posts for my early morning and lunch time posts lately then writing something fresh to post in the evenings. This is my last fully complete stockpiled post. I have caught up to myself in 8 short days of the NaBloPoMo. WAH! Good thing I don't work on Fridays and I'm not doing anything on Saturday so I can catch up again.)


  1. While I stand in unmitigated awe of Forrest Whitaker's acting chops, I do not find him in the least bit hot.

  2. You know, for me, I think it's the smile. Well, the talent and the smile. When he puts on that shy, sort of pleading grin I just feel like it'd be in my best interests to give him anything he ever asked for.