Monday, November 05, 2007

I Love a Parade...

...and so does Auntie Chili! She also loves the Red Sox. She loves hot sports announcers, too. Read all about it below since she was kind enough to write a guest post and send in a bunch of photos too.

After much schedule changing, I managed to make it to the Red Sox parade! My friend came up with the great idea to take the Down Easter to the city. I was to catch the train in Haverhill Ma. I was running late and was afraid I was going to miss my train but they called me to tell me the train was delayed due to a broken down freight train in front of them. When I got to the train station, there was NO parking. I parked in the road in a two hour spot. For sure I would get a ticket but I had no choice. The platform was packed with Sox fans. Probably over 100 people. When my train came, it stopped at the very beginning of the platform. I was at the end. They apparently didn't want to stop in the regular spot due to people confusing it with the commuter rail. I started pushing my way through people and the train started rolling again. Ugh. I was waving my hands and running to it. I yelled for the conductor to stop. He said" Do you have a ticket?" "YES!" I said as I was now running after the train. He begins yelling into his walkie talkie " STOP THE TRAIN, STOP THE TRAIN!" He was also yelling at me to hurry up. At this point I was trying to run past all the people waiting for the commuter rail. Finally I made it on the train and to my delight, my friends had a cold beer waiting for me. Oh, did I mention it was 10:00 in the morning? I love Amtrak.

Due to the broken down and slow freight train, we went really slow. Plenty of time to drink beers. There were four of us girls. The men sitting next to us actually called their friends to say that the girls next to them were drinking them under the table.

Finally we make it. I see my favorite, Tim Wakefield and a host of others.

When the parade was over we had a nice lunch, went to the park then finished up at the Cask N' Flagon (Ed. note: I couldn't get the pic of the C&F to rotate to upright dammit!) for a couple of more beers and a round of shots. The four of us girls talked baseball for 90% of the day. We have next years team all picked out! It was a perfect day! Oh, and I didn’t get a parking ticket!

Here is the picture of the prize!

Also, the pic of the chic with the hat on the phone is Tina Cervassio (not sure on the spelling) who is a very hot announcer. I realized later you wouldn't know who she was. We like Tina!

The other things I wanted to say was that the fans were cheering " Re-sign Mike Lowell" and " Don't sign A-Rod!". (Ed. note: Thank goodness. I hope management was listening.) It was awesome. The energy was incredible!


  1. SO, let me get this straight: Auntie bitches that there's not enough Red Sox mention on MY blog, so she sends her guest post to YOU?! How does THAT make sense?

  2. I don't know exactly how this happened. I didn't know she'd been bitching at you. I wanted to get those photos on the internet, though, so when she sent them to me I did not hesitate not even one bit.

    I guess she owes you a post, huh?

  3. wow- that sounds like a great day!! So fun!! Sports can be so exciting to get into- I wish that I could go more often. Even more fun with a group of your friends!!Glad you had a good time!! :)

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Mrs. Chili-
    The reason I posted on this blog is because it's in NYC. I thoght it would be a nice slap in the face for the yankees. And besides, Kizz asked me first!
    Thanks for sharing your space Kizz!

  5. Auntie, thanks for sharing!

    Chili, I just had a crazy idea (shocker). We should get together a sort of musical chairs or [insert ethnicity here] fire drill for blogs where everyone does a blog post as a guest blogger on the next blog to their left. What do you think?

  6. Oh, also, C&A, thought you'd both appreciate that the sports headline on the NY Daily News today was "Evil Does It" re: the Patriots, who were referred to in a smaller headline as the "Hatriots" so there's plenty of sporty face slapping to go around today. :)

  7. I LOVE that idea, Kizz! We've got enough blogger friends to make that work, too! How do you propose we propose it?

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