Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not Worthy

These images are three futile attempts to record the beauty of my new necklace.
It's one of these. This one to be precise. The insert with the piece says, "This is your very own superhero necklace. It will protect you from harm, attract people to you and create magic in your life."
ProfDoc said she'd been looking for an excuse to get me one. She is crazy. This is much, much too extravagant a gift. (The excuse she used was my facial surgery. I told her that with something this gorgeous on my neck no one will ever look at my face.) I do, however, love it deeply. Last Sunday I went by myself to a packed cabaret show and not only did I get seated at a table with lovely people they were lovely and very important to my friend, the performer. I bet the necklace had something to do with that.
Lucky thing that ProfDoc and I found each other, no jewelry necessary.


  1. Oh it's beautiful. I've been wanting one for some time. It really does look beautiful on you.

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I'm not usually a fan of chunky jewelry, but I really like that.

    Gorgeous, Dahling, gorgeous!

  3. They're just drool worthy, aren't they? I feel very lucky and have worn to to all my Thanksgiving social engagements.

  4. I love red in my jewelry. So I find that very attractive. It is flattering on, too.